BTS fan art featuring J-Hope and V by Zoe the Animator

Zoe the Animator BTS

First up in the featured fan art section of One Stop K-Pop is the wonderful Zoe the Animator.  The channel is filled with beautiful fan art!  There’s normal art and some more ‘fantasy themed’ pieces!

Check out a sample of the videos below!

The artist does a wonderful job at smoothing the skin out so it looks real!  It doesn’t stop there though, the hair looks realistic and the clothing looks almost like you could reach in and pull it right out.

One of my favorite things about the art is the backgrounds.  The colors used in each of the video are perfect and the presence of a background helps to complete the image!

Be sure to check out the channel!

Beautiful art like this isn’t all the channel features!  There’s animations of our favorite dances too!  With the complex moves these groups do, it’s crazy to think that someone was able to animate them!



  1. I love art ! I find it amazing how people can make it even more amazing by drawing in unique ways and making the real picture more cool🤔😲

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