BTS House of ARMY and behind the scenes

BTS House of Army

This may not be the newest video, but it definitely doesn’t lose any of its charm.  Join the BTS boys in their House of ARMY video and their behind the scenes!

I would recommend watching the actual video before watching the behind the scenes; it makes a lot more sense.

Let’s breakdown this adorable little family, shall we?  J-Hope is the mother of Rap Monster (who’s a girl in this) and V.  Jungkook is their father and J-Hope’s wife.  Suga is Jungkook’s brother, which makes him the uncle of the ‘kids’.  Jimin plays the family dog, and Jin, poor Jin, plays the strangest things.

Now, as funny as that video is, the behind the scene makes it even better!  Both J-Hope and Rap Monster are way too comfortable with their transformation, although Rap Monster was far more at ease with it.  Throughout the scenes, there’s a constant call for J-Hope to close his legs because there’s a lot more thigh shots than any ARMY could handle. Not to mention the fact that he twerks at the end… in the short skirt. Suga is very extra when they finally get him on set too.

I love the small subtle mentions of their lyrics throughout the entire thing.  I love it!

Special thanks to BTS & ARMY News for providing the english translations!


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