BTS shares new posters for their upcoming “Love Yourself” series


As a follow up for their original individual posters, BTS released another set of teaser posters for their upcoming series “Love Yourself”!

These teasers give a bit more of a look into what to expect from the series, but just a small look.

The first poster released features Suga sitting on a bench staring into the scene below him featuring Jungkook sitting on a hospital bed. The text on the poster reads ““After returning from that ocean, we were each all alone”.


The second photo featured absolute polar opposites.  J-Hope was bright sunshine and Jimin was dark and broody.  The text on their poster reads ““After returning from that ocean, we were each all alone”.

bts-love-yourself-jhope-jimin The third teaser features Rap Monster and V with the same text, but the addition of “Save Me” written across the bottom.


The final release was for Jin as a solo.  Unlike the other images, his text reads ““If I could turn back time, I would want to go back to that summer’s ocean”.


UPDATE: Always expecting more, ARMY dug further into the above photos and noticed that the “Save Me” text read “I’m Fine” upside down.

When looked into, it turns out there was an incident in 2015 where a student’s tattoo reading the same brought to light how depression is often something easy to overlook.  Her original post stated;

“I’m Fine”/”Save Me”.  When everyone else sees this tattoo, they’ll see “I’m Fine”, but from my angle it reads “save me”.  To me, it means no matter how happy someone may appear, they could be struggling”

There are more theories floating around at the moment, but we will wait until more are confirmed!

UPDATE: The group released a ‘notes’ teaser just a short while ago!  The block of text had fans all over the world beyond excited.

“13 June YEAR 22

“After we returned from that sea, we were all alone.

“We didn’t contact each other, as if we’d planned not to. We could only guess at each other’s existence through the graffiti that was left on the streets, the gas station with its lights still shining brightly, and the sound of the piano that came from the old building. All of those times, the afterimage of that night would come back like a ghost. Taehyung’s eyes that shone like a flame, the way they looked at me as though they had heard something they couldn’t believe, Namjoon’s hand that had stopped Taehyung, me who couldn’t take it and ended up swinging at Taehyung with my fist.

“I couldn’t find Taehyung who had run out, and when I went back to our lodgings at the seaside, no one was there. The only reminders of the events of a few hours before were a broken glass cup, blood that was starting to stain, and broken pieces of snacks. There was a photo that had fallen in there. In the photo that had a background of the sea, we were together and laughing.

“I just passed by the gas station again today. A day will come when we will meet again. A day will come when we’re laughing together like we are in the photo. A day will come when I’ll have the courage to fully face myself. But as of now, I still don’t. A humid breeze was blowing today too, like on that day. And then the next moment, like a warning, my phone rang. The photo hanging on my rear view mirror shook. Hoseok’s name had come up on the display.

“‘They say that Jungkook was in a car accident that night.’”


UPDATE: BTS just dropped the highlight reel for “Love Yourself” and we couldn’t be happier!  The sweet clip features the various members living their lives and making their way through various challenges.  Each one seems to be inspired or impacted by a lovely lady going about her daily tasks.

UPDATE: I think the boys are hoping fans have .a heart attack!  They released the second part of the highlight reel for their “Love Yourself” series featuring heart wrenching continuations of each of the individual story lines.  This time around, things seem to start going better for everyone, then the phone call at the end triggers instance dread.

Check it out below!

UPDATE: While the last video was picking up and starting to get more cheerful, this latest video will make your head spin.  The third video in the highlight reel series for Love Yourself can’t be expressed properly in words, you’ll just have to check it out below!

UPDATE: If the individual clips weren’t hard enough to watch, the latest BTS clip, with all of them combined, will kill you.  The newest clip takes all of the previous clips and combines them seamlessly into a single video.

That’s not all though.

There is a full segment that all of the theorists out there are going to absolutely love.

There’s always .a reason for the things they do in videos after all.

The end of the video has the date August 30 written across it, which might be significant in some way, but I’ll let the theorists determine that!