Dreamcatcher’s choreography spoiler for “Good Night” is killing it!

Dreamcatcher Good Night

I was already excited enough for the next set of songs from Dreamcatcher, but after seeing this short little spoiler of their choreography with a snippet of the song, I’m just shaking with anticipation!

The spoiler starts out with a music box noise as the girls dance in the woods.  Their movements are hauntingly similar to that of a puppet or mannequin.  The song then picks up with a heavy guitar rift as the girls dance!  This song is definitely going have strong rock vibes!

Their previous video teaser gave us a slight hint, but didn’t show nearly as much as this!

Check out some of the other images they’ve released!

Nightmare · Fall Asleep in the Mirror  will be released on April 5, 2017.  On March 27, 2017, March 28, 2017, and March 29, 2017, there will be teaser images released, on top of the original images.  On March 30, 2017, we will have a tracklist!  March 31, 2017 and April 3, 2017 will mark the release of the trailers for their title track.  April 4, 2017  will be the album and music video teasers.

Get ready for the album!