Drown out the Jimin hate!


For some unknown reason, someone has decided that they hate BTS’s Jimin so much they want him to die.  For the past few days, they’ve been creating twitter accounts with the sole purpose of threatening him over and over again.

Fans are having absolutely none of that are are tryign to drown out the mindless hate with various hashtags and supportive words.  #WeloveyouJimin and #WeloveyouBTS are trending as their love pours in.  Worldwide, #ArmyswillprotectJimin is trending as well.

Fans don’t take well to mindless hate, so hopefully this person can get stamped out soon.  There have been various rumors tossed around in the hate groups, including rumors that Jungkook sexually assaulted a fan and Jimin hated international fans but was dating a Brazilian star.  @AntiBTSAnti started making threats agains Jimin after these appeared.

Anti BTS Jimin Anti BTS Jimin Anti BTS Jimin

Authorities have been alerted and the accounts are being banned, so hopefully it dies down soon and BTS/Jimin can continue their tour in peace