BTS Epilogue Young Forever Music video Review by One Stop K-Pop

BTS Epilogue Young Forever Music video Review

BTS is becoming absolute experts at telling stories with their music videos.  Tying in with previously released videos like “Run“, the music video for “Epilogue: Young Forever” continues the story and gives a semblance of resolution.  The other video showed that each of them was suffering from something, be it drug usage or loneliness, and this video really ties all that in together.

It starts with all of them in a chain link maze, where they can see through the walls, but they can’t find the exit and the as the song progresses, their desire to get out increases until they finally all make it out.  Throughout the video, there are flashbacks to the scenes shown in “Run”.

While vague, this was definitely a nice way to conclude this piece.  Most people have interpreted it as them escaping from their hauntings, the things that plagued them, and finally finding freedom.

Overall, I really enjoyed this song, not for the song itself, but for what the video represented.  There was a complex story behind everything and that really brought everything to life.

BTS Epilogue Young Forever Music video Review