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Got7 Flight Log Departure

On March 21, 2016, Got7 released their fifth extended play titled Flight Log: Departure through  JYP Entertainment.  They used the songs “Fly” and “Home Run” for the promotional work prior to the album.  This extended play contains 8 songs and ranked well on the music programs!  The album peaked as 1 on the Weekly and Monthly South Korean Gaon Album Charts.

Flight Log: Departure opens up with the title track “Fly”.  This song features a few sets of alternating tempos which keeps the listener on their toes.  The raps were very sing-song in some of the places, which fit well with the song.  “Fly” also featured catchy hooks and distorted sounding synth noises.  The second song on the track list, “Can’t” features some really fun horn type sounds in the background The song is about getting flustered in front of a woman, which is absolutely adorable.

The third song on the tracklist, “See the List” has a really slow start, but that doesn’t deplete from its appeal!  The rapping style in this song is far more casual, more like street rapping, and doesn’t have a studio feel. There’s also less focus on the synthetic sounds, so the vocals stand out a lot more.  They bring back the playful feel in the song “Fish”.  While the drums and synth noise are an amazing backing for the vocal melody, they’re really great backings for the raps.  I really loved the “Lalala I fall into your first tank…” portion, though it didn’t fit in with the rest of the song.  The “Oh my God” part was pretty entertaining too.

“Rewind” features all sorts of sounds, a complete cornucopia!  There’s a strange xylophone/bottle noise in the background that adds a unique touch to the whole thing.  I absolutely loved this track, the heavy beat really appealed to me.   “Beggin on My Knees” is a song with definite attitude.  It starts with an organ riff then shifts into a club beat.  I love how they actually use the song title within the song.  “Something Good” has an easy transition between the rap and vocal portions.  Overall, it’s an easygoing song.  The album ends with “Home Run”, which has a light but quick beat, strong vocals, and is overall a fun way to end the album.

Track List

01.  Fly

02. 못하겠어 (Can’t)

03. 빛이나 (See The Light)

04. FISH


06. Beggin On My Knees

07. Something Good


Got7 Flight Log: Departure Album Overview