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Got7 Flight Log Turbulence

On September 27, 2016, Got7 released their second studio album, Flight Log: Turbulence through   JYP Entertainment.  The feature song of the album is “Hard Carry”.  The album peaked at number 1 on the US Worlds Album (Billboard), 7 on US Top Heatseekers Albums, and 6 on the New Zealand Heatseekers Albums lists.

The album opens up with “Skyway” which has a robotic sounding introduction before moving into the main portion of the song.  I loved during the rap portions how some of the rappers brought the end of each light up to a high pitch ending.  It was definitely unique and worked well with the song.  There was a definite dance portion of the song that was really catchy, even though it didn’t have a heavy sounding beat backing it.  The second track on the album, “Hard Carry” is easily one of their most popular songs, and on the first listen, there’s little doubt at to why.  This song has a great beat, catchy hook, and all the makings of a full out dance number.  Personally, this is my absolute favorite of this album because it is one of their most aggressive songs. “Boom X3” has less EDM, but still is a has the dance track feel and a variety of styles intermixed.

JB really loves R&B since he wrote “Prove It”, the sexy R&B track of the album.  This sons is far smoother than the previous songs on the album and provides a momentary breather while still being an attention catcher.   “No Jam” is a party tune, there is no doubt about that.  This song is full of playfulness and energy all bundled up in a somewhat reggae style.  The next song, “Hey” is also a fun track, more along the traditional pop track.  “Mayday” is full of airplane related references, which is appropriate given the album title.  The dubstep influences are very obvious here, but mix well as the raps and vocals trade off.  “My Home” is a sweet track about being the ‘one and only’ with some sexual undertones.  “Who’s That” starts off with catchy snaps and a lovely, emphasized “Damn”.  The song starts off a bit slower, but as it progresses it speeds up a bit.  The chorus is really sweet sounding, although the lyrics themselves aren’t as lovey-dovey.

“If” is a slow track that starts off with strong and beautiful vocals.  It has a bit of a ballad feel, with some guitar in the background and a steady beat.   The eleventh track, “Sick” has a super sweet sound.  The vocals are just on point throughout the song.  It really gives the vocal line a chance to shine with vocals that emphasize their strong points.  “Dreamin'” has a bit of an old school feel.  The intro starts off with a 90’s boy band type group and the style mixes as the song progresses.   The album ends with the “Let Me”, a cute R&B track that has a completely different feel than “Hard Carry” and some of the other more aggressive songs on the tracklist.

Check out the album: 하드캐리 Hard Carry – GOT7

Track List

01.  Skyway

02. Hard Carry (하드캐리)

03. Boom X3

04. Prove It

05. No Jam (노잼)

06. HEY

07. Mayday

08. My Home

09. Who’s That

10. If (만약에)

11. Sick (아파)

12. Dreamin’ (니꿈꿔)

13. Let Me

Got7 Flight Log: Turbulence Album Overview