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Cross Gene Mr Secret

On January 21, 2016, Cross Gene released their album Game featuring 6 tracks, with 5 new songs and 1 instrumental version.  The album opens up with “Noona, You”, a fun track with a lot of energy.  There’s a strong mix of vocals with some overlay of single lines which gives the song some character.  I felt like this was a mix of a pop song with a some like you’d get from a group like Fall Out Boy.  Overall, the song was entertaining and the chorus was playful and fun.

The second track, “My Face” has a heavy base which works really well with the hook “my face”.  This definitely feels like the sort of song you’d hear in a club.  There’s no real transition between the rap and vocal points, but the base helps ease that.  “Kki” is another track with a heavy base and strong EDM feel.  The pauses in the music definitely contribute to the EDM feel as well.  The chorus is catchy and the slightly high pitched portions give the song a lot of character.  “I’ll Be Fine” slows the album down and gives a great chance for the vocals to shine through.  When the beat picks up, the harmony the guys achieve is very sweet and cute.

The fifth track, “Mr. Secret” has probably the catchiest hook ever.  I could totally picture this in a spy movie.  This is probably my favorite song on the tracklist. The final song, “Noona, You” is an instrumental version of the first track and is just lovely.

Track List

01. Noona, You (누나 너 말야)

02. My Face

03. Kki (끼)

04. I’ll Be Fine

05. Mr. Secret

06. Noona, You (누나 너 말야) (Inst.)

Cross Gene Game Album Review