Good Day finally dropped their schedule for their debut!


Upcoming girl group, Good Day, with C9 Entertainment will be making their official debut with their first mini album, All Day Good Day!  The group released a teaser schedule in a clock format for all of their upcoming events until their debut.

Stay tuned for this new group consisting of Ginny, Cherry, Chaesol, Heejin, Haeun, Viva, Nayoon, Bomin, Lucky, and Jiwon!


August 15, 2017 – Good Morning Photo and V-Live

August 16, 2017 – Good Night Photo and V-Live

August 17, 2017 –  Midnight Photo and V-Live

August 18, 2017 – Good Day Photo and V-Live

August 20, 2017 – Track List

August 21, 2017 – Good Morning Spoiler and V-Live

August 22, 2017 – Good Night Spoiler and V-Live

August 23, 2017 – Midnight Spoiler and V-Live

August 24, 2017 – Music Video Teaser

August 25, 2017 – Good Morning Trailer and V-Live

August 26, 2017 – Good Night Trailer and V-Live

August 27, 2017 – Midnight Trailer and V-Live

August 28, 2017 – Music Video Teaser #02

August 30, 2017 – Mini Album Release!


UPDATE: Good Day released the first set of teaser photos for their upcoming debut. The girl’s look lovely in the group photo and just as striking in their individual photos.

good-day-genie good-day-nayoon good-day-bomin good-day-ljiwon good-day-lucky good-day-group-teaser