Got7 attempting to multitask – singing “Never Ever” and cake decorating


I’m not sure what I expected when this came up on my recommended list this morning, but this level of cuteness was definitely not it.  Got7 just released their music video for “Never Ever” and new album, Flight Log: Arrival, and fans are eating it up.  What better way to celebrate?

Decorate a cake.

While singing the song.

BamBam should be a professional decorator, with the amount of focus and skill he had with piping!  His additions were probably the cleanest.  The interactions between the group were adorable, especially when lines were taken or forgotten.

Moral of the story, Got7 has trouble multitasking!

Don’t forget to check out their music video for “Never Ever“!

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the best part of the entire video…  Check out around the 1 minute mark for this beauty.

Got7 Cake Decorating Never Ever


  1. The video was really fun!! And it looks like they really had fun making the cake! GOT7 Hwaiting!! <3

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