GOT7 splits up to travel in small groups for Hard Carry Episode 1

Got7 Hard Carry Ep1

In the first episode of Got7’s Hard Carry (with english subs!), the guys have to make their way to the airport without their manager.

First up – Jackson and BamBam… They are just way too peppy that early in the morning!  Not only that, but it’s cute watching them ‘brag’ but try to be humble at the same time.

They were completely out on the subway!

Second in line – JB, Youngjae, and Yugyeom. They didn’t take public transportation, but instead called in Jinwoon and tortured him by placing “Hard Carry” while he couldn’t dance! It was also super cute watching them listen to his girlfriends song.

Finally, Mark and Jinyoung. And right off the bat, Mark get shut in the elevator doors.  Their buses actually have seatbelts, that’s something I haven’t seen before.