Join Monsta X as they show off three amazing photo spots!

Monsta X Beautiful Spot for a Photo

Join the boys of Monsta X as they split off into groups and travel to 3 wonderful locations to take the best possible selfies!

Minhyuk and Jooheon travel to an animal cafe where they get to pose with meerkats, raccons, and various other animals.  Hyungwon and Wonho make the smart choice and go for some delicious looking food in a cute cafe restaurant.  Finally, Shownu, Kihyun, and I.M torment a Kakao store and play with all the products.  I say torment because they do some strange things there!  Three words – I.M Panty Headdress.

The boys have just recently made their comeback with The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter – Beautiful and have been working tirelessly on their promotional activities, so it’s great to see them having fun!

If you haven’t seen them perform “Beautiful”, their title track, or “Ready or Not”, check out the M!Countdown and Show Champion performances!  Also, don’t forget to check out their music video for “Monsta X Beautiful Spot for a Photo Monsta X Beautiful Spot for a Photo Monsta X Beautiful Spot for a Photo“.


  1. Joohoney is too cute, someone please stop him 😭😭 I prefer Hyungwon and Wonho Oppa choice. Visual line’s choice always the best 😄

  2. tbh i thought jooheon was the type of person to be scared of those animals but i guess i’m wrong 😂 and ofcourse i.m with his extraness.. 🙄 Who would missed that 😂 hyungwonho looked like a couple on a date and i’m not sure how i feel about that #confused

  3. Oh my gosh jooheon and minhyuk is so cute with those animals, hyungwonho on a date is my fave and I like how they choose a cafe restaurant and it looks like the foods there will taste good and the kakao store sells cute stuff I want to buy stuff there 😍😍

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