MASC returns as 8 members for music videos for “Do It” and “Run To You”

MASC 2017 Comeback

MASC has finally returned.

After undergoing a lineup change that added 4 additional members to the group, they’re finally back.  As of now, the lineup includes Doeun, Heejae, Chibin, 26, Ireah, Woosoo, ACE, and Moonbong.

They dropped two music videos as part of their second single album.  The first is “Do It”, their title track.  The fun loving track is accompanied by a sweet video full of color and cheer.

The second music video released is “Run To You”.  Unlike the first video, this is accompanied by various clips from their travels and various adventures.

Previously, they released a set of individual teaser images for their second single album.

MASC 2017 Comeback

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