Monsta X is killing us with the “Beautiful” dance practice

Monsta X Beautiful Dance Practice

I’ll admit it, when I logged on and saw this posted, I did a little happy jig.  It wasn’t pretty, and definitely not nearly as awesome as these boys dancing, but I did it nonetheless.

Monsta X have just released the dance practice for “Beautiful“, with the heavy breathing at the end and all. At this point, the entertainment agencies are just doing that for us as a fan service.  Nobody is complain.  Nobody.

I can honestly say, these boys have never been more in sync.  When the group first started, their dancing wasn’t their strongest point, but now, they’re absolutely slaying it.  There’s far more complex sections in each dance.  In this one alone, there’s slides, Hyungwon owning his solo sections, and let’s not forget that entire jacket section.  I think that’s going to be the best dance move of the year for me.  It’s so clean and precise, plus the way they transfer the jackets off stage is genius.

Check out the video below!


  1. Monsta X is always does all the best for their Monbebe^o^ Oh come on, I hope Korean people will see their talents and support them too T-T MONSTA X JJANG!!! #proudmonbebe

  2. Monsta X slayed every time they have dance practice. They are nonstop improving. And they always doing their best! I hope we MBBs can give their first win to them! Fighting MONSTA X AND MONBEBES! 💕💕💕💕

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