Monsta X – The Kings of Spoilers

Monsta X The Clan Spoiler Album

Monsta X has embraced the title of “Kings of Spoilers”, since they really can’t deny it!  There have been multiple instances where they leak out something that we probably shouldn’t have heard.  Fans aren’t complaining though, it just gives them something to look forward to.

In the following video, Jooheon and Kihyun, later joined by Minhyuk, take a break from their busy practice schedule to show fans a bit of a preview of what to expect from a single version of their upcoming album The Clan Part 2.5 The Final Chapter – Beautiful.

Probably the best part about the video and the upcoming release, besides the fact that they’re releasing a full length album, is the transparent photos!  I think they were having more fun with those than they probably should’ve, but it’s such a cute concept.

The album itself, at least the one version, looks amazing!  The pictures of it online don’t do it justice, since it’s not just a flat item, instead it’s got a bit of shine in the ‘X’.

Latest individual teasers: here

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Group Teaser: here

Check out their release schedule here!

Their album releases on March 21, 2017, be prepared!  Check out the One Stop K-Pop contest page for your chance to win 1 of the 3 versions of the album!


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