More issues with the Rapper Iron assault case

Rapper Iron Alleged Assault

We recently reported about Rapper Iron being arrested for the assault of his ex-girlfriend. So far, there’s been quite a big back and forth as to who was really at fault. Rapper Iron released information regarding the girl, who is known as “A”, which led to people finding her social media and persecuting her based on her preferences.

Based on the prosecution, Rapper Iron allegedly hit his girlfriend in the face last September.  In October, he supposedly fractured her fingers and choked her, as well as stabbed himself and threatened to tell the police she was the one who did it.

A statement from her lawyer reads:

“Despite being a blackmail victim, the interviews with Irons revealed the identity, and even a “witch hunt” with a “masochist, a psychopath” was filed, complaining that the complainant is now calling for extreme fears.”

They continue on to say:

“The essence of this case is that the complainant has been subjected to a retaliatory assault in response to a request for specific sexual activity by an iris, and after being informed of the separation, he was again subjected to retaliation and intimidation, not the petitioner’s sexual orientation and sexual orientation. Serious personal rights and privacy violations, ”

“The plaintiffs have been assaulted by their fists while struggling with their fists and have never been subjected to assaults by irons, nor have they been subjected to assault.

“We have obtained sufficient evidence to prove that the iron claims are different from the facts.”

Source: Here

Hopefully soon the story will be cleared up, but until then I do hope that people stop harassing the woman.