MVP finally debuts with “Take It” (Music Video Review)

MVP Take It Music Video Review

The 7 member boy group, MVP, from PH Entertainment has just released their first music video for their debut, “Take It”.  This song is the very definitely of hype.










MVP is going for the ultimate debut with their song “Take It” by bringing it hard.  The first almost-minute of the song is a heavy beat and small chunks of actually lyrics.  It basically drags you into the dance portion without any preamble! There are definitely no complaints here.  The first vocal section starts off with a bang with a raspy singer that shifts into others that show off their ability to hit some lovely high notes.  The rappers were on point for their portions, with clear annunciation and a lovely attitude.

One of the things that stands out with this song is just the level of confidence the boys are bringing.  This isn’t the sort of song you’d expect from a brand new debut group in level of attitude and “look at me”, but they definitely deserve the attention.

MVP Take It Debut Song


The boys of MVP bring it hard in the music video.  Within the first 40 seconds, you see them moving around in an extremely synchronized dance number.  Throughout the video, each time they go into the dance portion, they’re completely in sync, which can’t be easy with such a quick paced dance!

The filming style was a bit strange, but worked pretty well with the video.  There was a heavy use of off-colored lights, like green, pink, and blue.  The scenes faded in and out like an old TV would, which was a bit odd, but helped to keep the action going.

The sets themselves were simple, with a stadium, stage, and what seemed like a locker room of some sort.  They were all pretty neutral overall, so they didn’t take away from the video and helped put the focus on the boys.

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