Police arrested Rapper Iron for assault

Rapper Iron Arrested for Attacking his Girlfriend

Rapper Iron is one person who has just had controversy after controversy associated with his name.  He was previously sentenced to jail time for smoking pot and he’s also managed to insult Big Bang’s G-Dragon and TOP in an album, but this latest controversy is just insane.

This time around, when his girlfriend and him argued during sex, he ended up hurting her, causing her to have several fractures.  When she wanted to break up with him a few weeks later, he attacked her again, then threatened to accuse her of stabbing him with a knife if she reported him as he did it himself!

That’s just pure insanity!

His case will now be handled by the court, so hopefully we will have updates soon.  His case will be handled starting on March 14, 2017 as he faces charges of assault.

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