SF9 releases dance practice for “Boy In Luv” BTS Cover

SF9 Boy In Luv Dance Practice Video

SF9 recently performed a cover of BTS’s “Boy In Luv” on the special stage, and this evening, they released the dance practice video for the song!  The boys are looking mighty fine in almost identical outfits to the original BTS music video.

It’s crazy to see this dance redone with so many members.

They’re smooth in their transitions for moving around each other despite the sheer amount of people and lack of space they have.

Probably the best part of the video, or any dance practice video, is the sound of their feet hitting the group as they move around.  Instead of the original dance practice, where there were only the 7 BTS members, we have the entire army of SF9, so the sound is even more prominent.  Be-still my beating heart.

This is such an amazing cover of the dance!  It’s a hard song to cover since BTS really had this ‘attitude’ with it that made it so unique, but the boys of SF9 did well channeling that.


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