Show! Music Core V-Live stream for March 25, 2017

Monsta X Got7 Interaction Show Music Core

The groups featured in the March 25, 2017 V-Live airing of Show! Music Core backstage were just beyond sweet and friendly!

It starts off with Bigflo first.  They were the opening for this weeks show set, which is a bit of pressure!  The group couldn’t keep the smiles off their faces the entire segment.  MVP came on second and while they were watching their performance, they kept letting out collective “Woahs”.  It was beyond adorable.   They were very complimentary of each other, as were most of the groups.

Rare Potato was the third up and the biggest thing that stuck out to me was their name!  They actually took the time to describe what the meaning of their name was to the fans watching.  Romeo followed them, and their greeting of “first love” is so perfect with the Romeo and Juliet theme they have going on.

Gugudan was on fifth and looked so excited to be there.  The girls were super sweet to each other.  Brave Girls were the sixth group shown and started to count the number of winks through their sexy performance. VICTON loved the different angles the cameraman shot when they came on the video.  They also admired how well the group did the ‘domino’ part of “Eyez Eyez”.

MelodyDay looked beautiful in their dresses when they came on eighth.  They were followed by PRISTIN, who just debuted and looked positively giddy.  You could tell everything was so new to them and practically see the excitement in their eyes.

Lovelyz lived up to their name and looked positively amazing!  They were very playful with each other.  Monsta X were their lovable dorky selfs and played with their fans (IM was fanning his mouth).  Apparently we got another spoiler from Jooheon in the form of “Red Matthew”?  Partway through their set, a whispered “Monsta Monsta” showed up and – poof – in comes Got7!  The boys piled on the couch and crowded in.  The collective group labelled Wonho the “Scene Stealer” and fawned over the jacket scenes.

As Monsta X squeezed out, the Got7 boys took over and showed exactly how much energy they have!  Jackson was back with the group, which definitely helped with their morale.  Got7 dragged in BTOB and they spent a good amount of time talking about BamBam’s armpits and how they all looked like his back up dancers with his sunglasses on.  BTOB was dressed for the red carpet in their movie costumes!  Got7 stuck around for their set and they admired the different elements of BTOB’s song.

Highlight eventually gets dragged into the mix and BTOB and them just swap seats for their turns.  G-Friend looked like they walked right off the set for the “Nutcracker”, but I absolutely loved it!  They were a bit self conscious about how quiet they were in comparison to the boys, but CNBLUE had them beat for being the most calm and quiet!


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