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Monsta X Guilty Album Overview

The Clan Part 2 Guilty

On October 4, 2016 Monsta X released their follow up extended play to The Clan Pt 1: Lost through Starship Entertainment.  This 6 track mini-album peaked at 2 on the Korean charts and 3 on the Billboard, even better than the first part of this album series!

Monsta X doesn’t give us any time to prepare as they jump right into this album with “Fighter”.  This song is an absolutely epic introduction to their album with a forceful and fierce ton that really say ‘watch out, I’m here’.  The entire song has a great incorporation of various different elements; horns, vocals, guitars, synth, strings, etc.  They then bring up their club game with “Be Quiet”, which contrary to the name, is a absolute mess of music and non-music sounds mashed together in the best way possible.  “Blind” slows things down, but doesn’t stand out nearly as much as the first two tracks.  The vocals were exceptionally beautiful and the high notes are always a positive for this group.

The Clan Part 2 Guilty

I think “Queen” is the first Monsta X song that really incorporates an EDM feel.  It’s not as smooth as previous songs, but it’s a really upbeat track and quite different than the normal song.  “White Love” (or White Girl, depending on which translation you look at), is a guitar based song with a more acoustic love vibe.  The album ends with “Roller Coaster”, a 90’s style flashback with a peppy feel and catchy tune.

Track List:

01. Fighter
02. Be Quiet
03. Blind
04. Queen
05. White Love (하얀소녀) (some translations say White Girl)
06. Roller Coaster

Monsta X Guilty Album Overview