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Group Overview

VICTON is a 7 member male K-Pop group that debuted on November 9, 2016 with the album Voice to New World.  The group consists of Seung Woo, Seung Sik, Heo Chan, Se Jun, Han Se, Byung Chan, and Su Bin.  Over the past few weeks, the group has been releasing teaser after teaser for their upcoming album Ready and title song “Eyez Eyez”.


The album consists of 5 songs; Eyez Eyez, In The Air, The Other, This Is Bad…, and Sunrise.

The title track of Ready, “Eyez Eyez” has a far more masculine feel their their original debut songs, but without being overpowering.  The beat is fun and catchy, and the hook brings you back for more again and again.  The second track, “In The Air”, is slower than the first, but has a dance feel mixed with R&B.  There’s far more emphasis on the rappers in this song, it feels like, since the vocal’s lines are more drowned out by the beat and rest of the background music.

“The Other” is a peppy song, with a cute innocent feel – a far cry from “Eyez Eyez”.  It’s a definite mood lifter.  “This Is Bad”, slows things down with a more down to earth, melancholy feel, although it doesn’t lose the beat.  This track had a strong emphasis on the vocals in the group, although, not nearly as strong as the last track, “Sunrise” did. This song starts with a strong acoustic feel and just feels like one of those coffee shop concerts with a group playing on stage with a guitar.  It’s a beautiful song that showcases their vocal talents.


VICTON is definitely a group that’s going places.  They showed that they can try a variety of different styles in this album and I think that we can expect great things from them in the future!

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