VIXX dived straight into the EDM world in Heroes of Remix

VIXX on Heroes of Remix

Heroes of Remix is a Chinese dancing and singing reality competition that first aired back on June 19, 2016.  The show is hosted by Li Hao and includes the expert mentoring of Psy, Leehom Wang, Harlem Yu, and Phoenix Legend.

In this series, performers take an existing song and, under the guidance of their mentors, create an EDM style version of it.  At the end of each episode, the audience would vote for a winner.

VIXX was under the mentorship of Harlem Yu.  Harlem Yu is an award winning singer and song writer who has 15 studio albums to his name.  Through VIXX’s run of the show, they performed; “洗刷刷”, “Wolf” (狼), Enraptured”(眉飞色舞)/”独一无二”, “Those Years” (那些年), “Fated(命中注定), and “Chained Up”/”Thank You For Your Love” (谢谢你的爱).

VIXX won runner up for “Chained Up”/”Thank You For Your Love” (谢谢你的爱) and scored a full win for Enraptured”(眉飞色舞)/”独一无二”.

These were far different than their normal performances, but it was a style that worked well for the group!

Monsta X participated in the competition as well, check out their performances here.