Vixx’s Ken totally owns his rendition of Adele’s Rolling In The Deep

VIXX's Ken Covers Adele Rolling In The Deep

It really goes without saying that most people struggle when trying to cover a song by Adele.  Vixx’s Ken seems to be an exception to that as he completely dominates in his version of “Rolling In The Deep”.  There’s so much power in his voice, you’d almost think he was the male version of Adele!  What’s more? He stayed steady through the entire live performance, which is a feat in itself.

I don’t think I’ve heard many guys covering this song.  Most of the covers are women.  I can’t believe how amazing the song sounds in the deeper range and with Ken’s huskier voice too!

He hits the chorus with such power it’s enough to give you chills!

I wish there was a studio version of this, I’d love to hear it.

Video Credit: 울프러버블

Check out the original song too!