Wanna One is spoiling us by releasing the extended version of “Burn It Up”


When Wanna One wanted fans to choose between “Energetic” and “Burn It Up” for their title track, it was almost impossible to pick.  The bad-boy vibe from “Burn It Up” was just as appealing as the colorful vibe in “Energetic”.  Well, we get both!

Wanna One dances in the rain and even shows some abs in their sexy second track, “Burn It Up”.

The hook, the melody, the beat, there’s not a single thing in this track that isn’t completely lit!  The entire song leaves you sitting there thinking “oh wow, there’s more”!

And there is!  The extended version features slow motion dancing of each of the members and slow motion interactions between the boys!

We’re totally in love… are you?

Check it out below!